Kapp supplies heat exchangers to the processes, where others fail. We appreciate their compactness, reliability, excellent cleanability and state-of-art features, which bring overall improvement to your processes, and wide range of processed materials. Kapp produces welded and plate & gasket heat exchangers and shell & tube heat exchangers. Each heat exchanger is designed exactly for your process.


Serail manufactures prime lyophilizers, loading systems and cooling units adjusted to the smallest possible detail for your process. Serail brings to its machines unique innovative features, offers complex solutions and services, has a broad experience in freeze-drying technology, which result in the possibility to service and improve competitor´s equipment.We appreciate that Serail equipment is still affordable to smaller companies.


Erea systems clean the air and by means of this secures the full protection of your employees and product against contamination. EREA produces isolators, laminar flow boxes, safety cabinets, sampling and weighing systems and transportation trolleys with laminar flow. We appreciate their simple maintenance, perfect cleanability, comfort during operation, possibility of integration into the existing premises and full compliance with the actual legislation.


Porvair Filtration Group develops and delivers highly effective filtration solutions. We appreciate their technical and material perfection and complex support, which is provided to their customers. Porvair is a top-class supplier of sintered metal, disposable polymer filters, housings and materials and special filtration solutions for technical gases, steam, and chemical compounds.

Rook Chema

We are family-based company with active experience from chemistry, pharmaceutical, food and power industry.

We have technical know-how, we know your processes, we listen to your ideas and converting them to the complex deliveries of the state-of-art technologies.

We cooperate with carefully selected group of suppliers.

We are reliable partner for you, we care about you and your success.


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